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Each April we have a Mother Daughter Tea to celebrate strong women in our young ladies lives

Even though Young Lives is especially for teenage mothers and their children, parents and other adults in the community are important to Young Lives. Adults can support Young Life in a variety of ways — by becoming a volunteer leader or committee member, by attending a Young Lives fund-raising event, by hosting Young Lives, by simply telling others in the community about Young Life and its commitment to kids, and by committing to pray for this ministry & the lives in can impact .

If you are interested in checking out one of our events-

We host special events of celebrations and we'd love to have the support of our teen's family and friends. Our key events that we invite family and friends to are, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Graduation. Please call 804-301-9031, if you are interested in attending one of our celebration events.
Our Meetings 

We hold weekly meetings in Richmond. The meetings we host are:




We minister to girls from: John Marshall High School, Highland Springs High School, Henrico High School, Huguenot High School and Meadowbrooke High School. Our goal is to include other area high schools in the Richmond area. 

In our RVA Community
unnamed-1.jpg August 2016, Seven of our ladies went through training and are Certified Lay Health Promoters

One of our meetings, "4-Life" is about connecting our teen moms with resources and having them learn about their community, different jobs and opportunities in order to provide hope. We have had guests come in and speak about their job, as well as guests like doctors and physical therapists that have come in to speak about postnatal care and taking care of their bodies. On this 4-Life night we also take the opporunity to learn and give back to our community. For example, we visit local nursing homes and enjoy learning about history in Richmond, such as going on a tour of Maggie Walker's home. 


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