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Crazy about TEEN MOMS

YoungLives thinks the world of teen moms. We believe that they deserve to know what life can hold for them.  It's no secret that the teen years can be tough.  And for some girls, the standard turbulent emotions and raging hormones are just a small part of the struggle. YoungLives strives to come along side them, bringing compassion, advise and spiritual direction. Someone who won't cast stones, but will write a message of hope in the sand - this is what a YoungLives mentor looks like. A caring adult who will come sharing that hope as well as a fun and lasting friendship with the girls. YoungLives is also all about fun. From club, camp, bible study and learning skills for life, girls and their children will have a blast laughing, trying new things and being with their friends.​
What is YoungLives?

YoungLives is an organization that  provides the traditional Young Life experiences of Club, Campaigners, and Camp for teen moms while also matching the teens with a mature Christian woman who serves as a mentor to help support, guide, and encourage them through this unique and often challenging times in their life.  The mentors are able to share Christ's love and compassion with the girls while also walking with them through the challenges of being a teen mother.

Starting in 2009 with two teen moms YoungLives has made an important impact in Metro Richmond. 

  • We have a 100% graduation rate with girls who stay the course.
  • 99% of babies born to mothers involved with YoungLives are healthy and thriving.
  • After graduation most teen moms have persued college, have developed a trade or entered into the workforce.
Upcoming Events​

Tuesday 2nd- Club (Southside) at 6pm

Tuesday 7th- Club (Northside) at 6pm

Tuesday 14th- Campaigners at 6pm

Tuesday 21st- 4-Life at 6pm


Thursday 2nd- Club (Southside)

Tuesday 7th- Club (Northside)

Tuesday 14th-Campaigners

Tuesday 21st- 4-Life


Tuesday 4th- Club (Northside)

Thursday 6th- Club (Southside)

Tuesday 11th- Campaigners

Tuesday 18th- 4-Life


Tuesday 2nd- Club (Northside)

Thursday 4th- Club (Southside)

Tuesday 9th-Campaigners

Tuesday 16th-4-Life


Tuesday 6th- Club (Northside)

Tuesday 20th- Graduation Party


2nd-6th- YoungLives Camp

YoungLives in richmond​​
Northside Events
Tuesdays at Ginter Park United Methodist Church, 1010 W. Laburnum Ave., Richmond, VA 23227​
YoungLives Northside
1010 W Laburnum Ave,
Richmond, VA23227
Southside Events  
Thursdays at Bon Air Baptist Church, 2531 Buford Rd., North Chesterfield, VA 23235​
2531 Buford Rd
Richmond , Virginia23235
United States
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YoungLives Richmond | PO Box 7189 Richmond, VA 23221-0189

Phone: (804) 301-9031

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