Making An Impact--Be a Mentor, Volunteer or Hero!


YoungLives holds monthly meetings that focus on the needs of teenage moms and their children.  Our goal is to impact this generation and the next. 


One of the most important roles in YoungLives is that of our mentors. They meet with teen moms one-on-one or in a group setting. They are women who share the mission of YoungLives and wish to make a difference in the life of a teenage mom. YoungLives strives to come along side our teenage moms, bringing compassion, advice and spiritual direction. Someone who won't cast stones, but will write a message of hope in the sand. Our mentors come from all walks of life, but they all share a love of Christ and a desire to help others. Mentors show teen moms they care by going to them and meeting them as they are and believing in who they can be. 

Mary, our childcare coordinator.

We also have volunteers who attend club meetings and help out wherever they see a need. Some of the roles that volunteers play are: Childcare for meetings, providing meals for meetings, mentoring a teen, drivers, fundraising, and help with special events. There are so many different ways to help as a YoungLives volunteer.​

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Heros are men in our community that help out with our weekly events. These men serve us by serving meals, playing music, helping out with childcare, setting up for our events and cleaning up afterwards. These men are impacting our girls lives because they get to see men who care about them, but want nothing from them other than show the love of Christ. 
One YoungLives mentor said:  "If we have received the wonderful gift of salvation through Jesus Christ, we do not want the gift only for ourselves, but to pass it on...We are fanning into the flame the gift of salvation from our God."​

If you are interested in being a mentor, volunteer or hero, please contact Shanita Mickie at 804-301-9031 or​​​​

YoungLives Richmond | PO Box 7189 Richmond, VA 23221-0189

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